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Archer C7 di TP-LINK è compatibile con lo standard Wi-Fi di ultima generazione - 802.11ac, 3 volte più veloce dello standard N. Con una velocità Wi-Fi 1.3Gbps sulla frequenza 5GHz e 450Mbps sulla frequenza 2.4 GHz, Archer C7 è la scelta migliore per lo streaming HD, il gioco online e altre applicazioni a banda larga. 1300Mbps; 450Mbps L'Archer C7 TP-LINK arrive en même temps que le standard Wi-Fi, la norme 802.11ac 3 fois plus rapide que la norme N et délivrant des débits combinés allant jusqu'à 1.75Gbps. Avec 1.3Gbps sur la bande des 5GHz et 450Mbps dans la bande des 2.4GHz, l'Archer C7 est le meilleur choix pour diffuser des vidéos HD sans difficultés, jouer en ligne et réaliser toutes les tâches massivement 22/06/2020 09/10/2017 But you might have heard that the TP Link Archer routers are the best in terms of fast wireless network connections.So if you are interested in buying the TP Link Archer router then you have to pick one router from three available models: Archer C7, Archer C8, and Archer C9. This is where you might become confused as there are similarities as well as key differences available among these three Découvrez tous les avis et commentaires des clients LDLC.com sur le produit TP-LINK Archer C7. Processus de collecte certifié NF Service par AFNOR Certification.

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TP-LINK Archer C7. 約1万円前後で買える802.11ac対応のWiFiルーターではTP-LINK Archer C7が私の一押しです! 開封. 梱包具合がシンプルでいい! アンテナは外付けの方が私は好きです! 白いLANケーブル実測1.2mとACアダプターが付属しています。 TP-LINK Archer C7本体!

TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Gigabit Wireless Router is DUAL band wireless router that makes use of 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, 3 times faster than wireless N speeds and delivering a combined wireless data transfer rate of up to 1.75Gbps. With 1.3Gbps wireless speeds over the crystal clear 5GHz band and 450Mbps over the 2.4GHz band, the Archer C7 is the superior choice for seamless HD streaming

TP-Link Archer C7 is probably one of the oldest model from TP-Link after the legendary TL-WR1043ND. It has been around for as long as I can remember being one of the earliest Wireless AC router. The Archer C7 has received multiple hardware updates and improvements despite having the same model name.